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Victim Empowerment Programme

Dealing with issues related to violence including Domestic and Gender Based Violence, availability of psychosocial services, access to services, advocacy for such services and external services that are readily available to the local community. Other challenges includes increasing media reports on women killings, abusive behaviours directly experienced through intimate partners, friends and families, abuse of older persons, people living with disabilities and LGBTQs.

Intervention at the organisation entails direct provision of individual counselling services, or providing referrals to the South African Police Service Points so that clients can be assisted with laying charges of assault where such cases are reported, and application of interim protection orders issues under the Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 ,and linking cases to other services and advocating for services on behalf of clients, support groups and community based intervention aimed at empowering community members to self-sustain and be independent.

With support received from the organisation, adults, community, and their wider families’ targets groups are in a process of dealing with the challenges in their family relationships and dynamics. Individuals have since become aware of the impact of Domestic and Gender Based Violence in communities, and the role of community members to prevent violence against women and children. They are more conscious of the services that are available within the community, openly share with helpers during counselling what they have experiences, and their efforts in dealing with their challenges, and the importance of dealing with the challenges

Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)

Empowering young women and helping them deal with everyday life issues. It helps link young women to PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) to help curb the spread of HIV within the age group of 15-24 years. It teaches the young girls about self love, self value and self acceptance. It teaches them about HTS ( HIV Testing Services) at their disposal and how to access these services, offers counseling and support to them as well as sexual and personal hygiene.

We also use social media for engagements – using Facebook for social behavior change among AGYW. We created a WhatsApp group where AGYW engage and share a link to the Facebook page where we hold engagements on HIV prevention, in relation to PrEP among Adolescent Girls and Young Women.
We saw a need to foster more engagements and activity on our Facebook page as well as the different WhatsApp groups – to engage these young girls on issues of sexual health as well as esteem.

The programme Empowered young Women to be in a better position to take care of themselves and make informed decisions.
Some have gained courage to go for regular HIV testing.

Covid19 Screening and Awareness

The global spread of this virus has overwhelmed health systems and widespread social and economic disruption by doing mass screening and awareness creation assist and educate community members to adhere to regulations of Covid-19 and this intervention also help to reduce the spread of the virus.

Targeting people who do not know the symptoms of Covid-19 and have been in contact with someone who has the virus.
People wish to know their body temperature daily and they do not have thermometers.
People confuse Covid-19 screening for testing.
Some people adhere to the use of face masks and social distancing while others don’t.

People have a challenge of understanding more about their body temperature.
Positive change that has happened is that people are now aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 especially those who are screened daily. People now understand the importance of screening and they can differentiate screening from testing as they were educated.
The target group know how Covid-19 is spread and some changed their behaviours, they now use face masks, although social distancing is still a challenge on long queues of social grants at post offices especially during the beginning of the month and month end’s, but people regardless of these queues, they put on their masks.