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About Katlo Development Centre

Katlo Development Centre with registration number (190-315NPO) based in Jericho village and Letlhabile township (Brits-North West Province: South Africa) is a community based organization wherewith members identified the need in poverty alleviation programmes, gender-based violence and health improvement services in April 2014. Members made observations and conducted informal interviews thus identifying a high number of unemployed youth and women in addition to the poverty conditions they daily face. They then came together in discussions over the need in 2016. So in April 2017 the members decided to register the organization with the Department of Social Development and started implementing the programmes. 

The organization currently renders victim empowerment programmes, economic development initiatives and awareness campaigns under the auspices of the Department of Social Development (RSA) in addition to the group work services in terms of health issues rendered under the supervision of NACOSA. The organization has been operational in schools, clinics, police stations and within the community of Madibeng and Moretele as well as in Gauteng, Tshwane North Municipality in Mabopane and surrounding areas. Katlo Development Centre’s commitment has been in addressing these social, health and economic needs, thus providing empowerment and developmental support programs aimed at changing and improving community members’ lives.


Being the best life skills equipper and empowerment organization for woman, families and communities.



Promoting independence and improving the quality of life of women families and communities through education, training skills development, empowerment health and support.

  • Excellent service delivery
  • Empowerment
  • Adherence to social work health ethics
  • Congruency

The organization has a managing board consisting of five members who oversee and deal with all policy issues. They decide on major administrative matters and oversee major developments and guide its strategic plans and operations.

There is a management committee consisting the programmes Director, 2 Social Workers, admin Officer, Financial Officer, M & E Officer, Communication and Marketing Officer and Social Auxilliary Workers to deal and execute day-to-day administrative and managerial matters. The programmes director directs and manages all programmes and projects whilst the admin officer does all the admin work and bookkeeping. The social worker similarly executes her psycho-social, group work, facilitation services as well as supervising the social auxiliary worker and the whole team. She is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation processes.

The social auxiliary worker executes her duties of containment, basic counselling, facilitation, awareness campaigns and supervises lay counsellors and volunteers. The latter are responsible for conducting preventive and awareness campaigns, assisting on economic initiatives and group work.

The security officer takes care of the premises and ensures safety and security to the property and the organization’s assets.